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Jewelry Wardrobe Choices

sterling silver ringWhen getting dressed,  women tend to focus on the outfit, followed by shoes and possibly purse. Oftentimes, they give little thought to selecting their jewelry. They often feel that, unless it’s a certain color or has specifically colored stones, the jewelry they select doesn’t really make that much of a difference. In truth, they aren’t giving jewelry enough credit for making or breaking an outfit or ensemble.

Transforming Plain Garments

The right jewelry can transform an outfit. Movie stars and models often demonstrate this by making otherwise plain clothing look exciting. Pair simple opal earrings with a simple skirt, and you get one look. Pair a dramatic pair of silver earrings, with scale and style, and that same skirt looks significantly dressier. It’s not enough to have an apparel wardrobe that makes you look put-together. You need a jewelry wardrobe too.

Give Blue Jeans a Pop

Think denim, specifically blue jeans.  No matter what top you pair with jeans, they tend to look casual. Add heels, however, and the look gets more glamorous.  If you want to take it to the next level entirely, add pearls (faux or real), rhinestones, colored gemstones, or diamonds. Make the look big, and you’ve vamped up the outfit.  There’s just something about jewelry that adds that final dressy touch to anything you decide to wear.

Go Ahead and Mix Them

There was a time when women were taught not to ever wear gold colored jewelry with silver colored jewelry, but these days, that axiom is out of the window.  Women are combining metals, shapes, sizes and levels of fancy to create new, exciting and eclectic looks in fashion and style.  The sky’s the limit in terms of breaking the mold and creating a fun and funky or sweepingly dramatic appearance, whether it’s at the children’s playgroup get-together, the supermarket or for an evening enjoying the Philharmonic.

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