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Know the Significance of Your Birthstone in Choosing Jewelry

ringBirthstones have been in use even before the birth of Christ. It wasn’t until very recently, however – in 1912 – that the American National Association of Jewelers decided to publish a list linking certain stones to each month. This “birthstone list” is still used today.

Consumers love birthstone-themed jewelry, and they have become very popular as a result. A simple internet search yields thousands of hits to online and brick-and-mortar jewelry and gift stores offering single pieces and matched sets.

The Significance of Your Birthstone

This short list will give you insight into the historical and personal significance of various precious stones as birthstones.

  • Garnet. January’s stone signifies constancy, with faith and love as accompanying attributes. It is a stone that provides guidance.
  • Purple Amethyst. The birthstone for February is worn to denote royalty. It has co-occurring attributes of serenity, peace, and temperance.
  • Blue aquamarine. Blue aquamarine, March’s birthstone, is a stone associated with youth and health. Love and hope are accompanying attributes.
  • Diamond. The Diamond for April of course is the stone that signifies the invincibility of eternal love.
  • Emerald. May’s stone is the Emerald.  It denotes fertility and health, accompanied by faithfulness.
  • Pearl (Moonstone). The Pearl or Moonstone is June’s birthstone. Stability, chastity, and modesty are all attributes of this month’s stone.
  • Ruby. July’s birthstone is associated with strength, nobility, peace, and harmony.
  • Green Peridot. August’s stone signifies lightness of mood, goodness, and safe passage.
  • Sapphire. September’s stone is Sapphire.  It aligns with serenity, purity, loyalty and wisdom.
  • Opal. October’s stone is the Opal. It signifies creativity, innocence, and the hope that comes with it.
  • Yellow Topaz (Citrine). The November stone signifies protection, strength, and healing.
  • Turquoise (Blue Topaz). December’s stone denotes early warnings of danger, a happy life and good fortune.
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