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Great Ways to Organize Earrings and Display Your Collection

jewelry collectionThe more earrings you own and wear, the easier to becomes to lose one, leaving the pair useless or mismatched. Finding a way to properly store, systematize and display your earring collection will minimizes the risk of losing your jewelry. Here are some great ways to organize earrings. 

Foam Board

Use a felt or foam board to store most types of earrings. Wrap felt around a sheet of cardboard, and punch holes large enough for the posts of your earrings. Leave the board free-hanging to attach backs to the earrings, or keep a small bowl nearby to hold earring backs while the rest of the piece is in storage. A foam board with grooves cut into it gently holds the earrings between the folds and is easy to mount on the wall or slide into a drawer for safe-keeping.

String Them Up

If you have mostly hook or hoop earrings, pin a string against your wall. Hook your earrings on this string for a minimalist organizer and display. This does not take up any shelf space and uses only minimal wall space while giving you a proper look at your entire collection. Make it a habit to put your earrings in whatever organizer you choose to reduce the earrings and backs you lose.

Multiple Methods

These options for organizing and displaying your earring collection keep your jewelry safe from damage and loss. It also makes it easy to glance through the collection to pick a pair to wear. Consider using multiple methods for different types of earrings. For example, use a foam board for your studs while using a string for your hoops. Which ever method or methods you choose to organize earrings, you won’t regret it!

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