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Wearing the Right Outfit With a Sterling Silver Necklace

bridal necklaceSterling silver jewelry is the chameleon of the fashion world. Depending on your clothing and other accessories, silver looks either timeless or modern and either bold or subtle. A silver necklace paired with a black 1960s-style sheath dress looks effortlessly classic. Yet, that same necklace adds modern pop to a bold outfit that combines many bright colors. Pairing the right outfit with the perfect necklace is essential.

Choose Your Style

Before you put on your favorite silver necklace with just any outfit, think about which styles make your jewelry shine. If your silver necklace contains gemstones or pearls, their color and tone take priority. The same amethyst pendant necklace that perfectly complements your yellow shirt looks drab with brown, even though both colors go nicely with silver. Once you have narrowed down your options, look for clothing that shares a similar design theme with your necklace. Examples include shapes, such as circles or flowers; textures, from smooth to hammered; and finish, such as polished silver or pieces with patina.

Choosing the right outfit with the right jewelry is not rocket science. Match like with like. A silver circle pendant mirrors the pattern of a polka dot shirt, while silver that has a dark patina adds a bohemian note for shabby chic elegance. Large pendants look best with large prints, while delicate necklaces suit fine prints. Consider the length of your necklace. Collars or choke necklaces frame your face with a sleeveless dress, while long rope-styles draw the eye downward.

Keep It Sparse

For the perfect partnering of wardrobe and jewelry, choose wisely but sparingly. Once you have decided on the best combination, stop there. Each additional piece of jewelry steals focus, so stick to just one or two pieces. This also makes it easier to learn what works and what does not. If you have favorite silver necklaces, try to wear them at least once a week since silver tarnishes faster when stored.

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